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A simple way to improve your sales price

October 21, 2021 | Sales  

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Ever wondered what “home staging” means and how it can help you get the most from your property?

Home staging is a way of showing your property in the best possible light. It’s a simple but effective way to get a significant return on investment and sell your property faster.

If anyone watched ‘Selling Sunset’ on Netflix during lockdown, you’ll know that home staging has long been a staple of the US real estate market – but it is becoming increasingly popular in the UK too. Why? Because it works! No matter if you’re selling a 6 bedroom converted barn, or a 1 bedroom apartment, home staging is a tried and tested way to get you more from your sale.

According to Rightmove, homes that have been staged, sell for a huge 8% more than homes that are not.

It is easy to think that an empty house would sell more quickly, but in actual fact, bare properties can struggle to sell. Too much blank space and buyers can find it difficult to visualise furniture in the property – plus it doesn’t have that all-important homely feel.

Buying a home is more often than not an aspirational purchase. That means that buyers who are looking for their next home, are looking to buy into a lifestyle. By staging your home and presenting it in its best light, you are helping them to imagine themselves living there.

If you are currently living in the property you are trying to sell, then simple decorative touches such as mirrors, flowers and table dressings can make all the difference.

If the property you’re selling is already empty, its worth thinking about adding furniture to showcase how a space can be used and paint a picture of the kind of home it could be.

The sales market in Leeds is incredibly fierce right now, with a lot of competition for sales properties. If you are looking for an effective way to help your property attract more attention, then staging is an essential tool to help it stand out.

Simple tips for staging your home:

  • Get rid of clutter, even if it’s just until the viewings are over. While you don’t want to try sell an empty house, you also don’t want to try sell a house that’s full to the brim. The less clutter you’ve got, the more spacious the property will feel.
  • Focus staging on rooms that will most influence a buyer. According to Forbes, the most important rooms to buyers are the kitchen and master bedrooms.
  • De-personalise the space. Whilst it may feel bizarre for a while, it will help buyers to envision the space as their own. Remove personal belongings from around the bathroom sink and kids’ drawings from the fridge, it shouldn’t remove your style but will allow buyers to easily imagine moving straight into the property.
  • Patch up that repair. Broken handles, hanging off doors, cracks and holes may not seem a big deal, but they can signal neglect to a buyer. Invest in some touch up paint, fill those holes or re-seal the bath.
  • Let there be light. Brighten up your rooms and make the space feel bigger by opening any blinds and curtains and letting natural light flood in. Turning on lights throughout the house, including lamps, will make the house feel more homely and welcoming.

With so much to gain, it makes sense for owners to invest in staging. Small additions can make a huge difference and it’s really simple – make your house a show home.

For more hints and tips on the best way to get your home ready for a sale, download our handy leaflet: HOP Tips: Preparing for a Sale


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