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First Time Seller HOP Tips

July 9, 2021 | Sales  

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Selling your home is a daunting experience for everyone, especially when you’ve never done it before.
When buying your first home your emotions are often clouded by excitement, but selling that much loved first property can be hard and often confusing too. There is a lot more to think about when selling, from choosing an Estate Agent and getting the property marketing ready, to completing legal documentation and answering enquiries about your home. The pressure can be overwhelming.
At HOP our aim is to make the process as seamless and stress free as possible. With our experienced sales team on hand every step of the way, we will guide you through every stage.

Where do I start?

If you are thinking of selling your home, it’s important you start by getting multiple valuations. We always advise homeowners to ask more than one Estate Agent to appraise your property, so that you can be sure you are getting a realistic valuation in the current market.

It is common for some Estate Agents to give a very top-heavy valuation to encourage you to list your home with them. Don’t be fooled! This could have a negative effect on your sale. It could put off buyers from making an offer on your property and also mean your property could stay on the market for longer than needed, resulting in less interest as it moves down the Rightmove rankings. Be sure to choose an Estate Agent who gives you an honest and realistic valuation, which in hand will result in more offers, a higher sales price due to bidding and also a quicker sale.

Once you have a realistic price in mind it’s important you consider carefully which Estate Agent you choose. There are three stages to selling your home successfully: – marketing, negotiating and sales progression. How your Estate Agent manages each stage is vital to a successful sale. Consider what marketing tools they use and the communication methods they offer to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Marketing My Property

Once you have chosen an Estate Agent to sell your home, its time to get the marketing in place. Prep your property for pictures by dressing the table, putting out a vase of flowers and hiding away any clutter. How your property is viewed online is essential to achieving your maximum sale price. This is often the first time a buyer will see your home and this will affect how they view the property going forward.

Getting the upmost exposure for your home is also the way to reach more buyers, and as a result – receive more offers. At HOP we provide our buyers with the best marketing there is, including Premium and Featured Listings on Rightmove, Matterport 360’ Virtual Tours and paid boosting on our social platforms, all of which help to give you ultimate exposure across the UK.

Using Matterport Virtual Tours to sell your home is proven to achieve a 9% higher sale price and results in you spending 31% less time on the market. Whilst Premium Listings result in 35% more brochure downloads and Featured Listings are proven to double the click through rate on your property… Why settle for less?

How Do I Choose A Buyer?

If you are lucky enough to receive multiple offers for your home, negotiating and choosing a buyer can be daunting. Remember: the highest bidder is not always the best buyer! There are a lot of factors that go with that offer such as the buyer’s chain, deposit size, lender, speed etc. At HOP we not only negotiate the best price possible, but we find a buyer that’s right for you. Our experts will gather as much information as possible from each and every potential buyer, to ensure you can choose a buyer that fits your goals and avoid wasting your time. Our team will guide and advise you where required to help you make the decision that’s is best for you and your journey.

What is Sales Progression and How Do I Do This?

Accepting your offer is often a weight lifted – you have a buyer in place and can start moving forward with the sale! However, this can be where the hard work begins. If you have never sold a home before, this part of the process can be very confusing and it’s easy to feel stressed when you don’t know your next steps.

At HOP we ensure you are kept up to date and guided through the process with exceptional customer service at every stage. You choose how you want to communicate with us, whether it be through day time calls, evening calls, Whatsapp, text message or email, whatever suits you.

To help you understand what is expected from you and your buyer throughout the process, the sales experts at HOP have put together a Sales Progression Checklist, to help you be ahead of the game and speed up your sale.
Click here to download our Sales Progression Checklist.

In a nut shell, selling your home for the first time, will be daunting, but at HOP we are here to make the process as smooth as possible. With our top-notch marketing, expert sales team, excellent communication and useful guides and checklists, HOP will take the weight off your shoulders and help make this exciting journey a positive one!

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