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October 1, 2021 | Students  

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Get ready for the launch: 01.11.21

The Student Launch is just around the corner. Get ready for the rush by joining our HOP List for an exclusive first-look at our hand-picked student homes.

All our homes come with bills included as standard – it’s a no brainer! Choose from a huge selection of quality student homes. From 1 beds to 10 beds, all across the best student areas – you’ll find the perfect place to live for the next academic year.

Plus – with fully interactive 360 degree online viewings and a super simple online application process, finding your next student home has never been easier!

Be the first in line for the best properties for 2022 by signing up to our student mailing list: Join The HOP List

There are loads of ways to find your new home with HOP. Scroll through our social media channels – you’ll find us on Instagram and Facebook.

You can also pop in all your criteria and search our website, plus you’ll find all our properties listed on the usual portals too.

For an even easier way to find your perfect match, you can also get properties right to your inbox. Join our HOP List and we’ll send you our weekly ‘Hot Properties’ emails once the student season kicks off in November – and even a sneak peek early bird look before that.

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Find your home the easy peasy way. Register for a first look at our 2022 properties and our weekly ‘Hot Properties’ emails, right to your inbox.

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