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Landlord’s Insurance Products


We have put together a page detailing the various landlord insurance products.

Rent Guarantee

If you rely on the rent to pay the mortgage on your investment property, then irrespective of the reasons for non-payment, you may benefit from the Rent Guarantee, where the Insurance company will pay the rent you are expecting from the tenants until vacant possession of the property has been obtained (for up to 12 months and excluding the first months lost rent).

HOP provides Premium Rent Guarantee Insurance via third party Insurance companies to provide not only peace of mind for rent cover, but also to cover our Landlords for legal costs and court fees in the event of an eviction. This ensures the mortgage on the property is paid and the legal fees to obtain vacant possession are covered.

Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Cover

Our Typical Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses cover provides you peace of mind in an uncertain world. Our Managed Properties receive a discounted rate to provide Fast Online Quotes, Flexible monthly payment options, up to £10,000 for Unpaid Rent and up to £25,000 for Legal Expenses. By using this cover you can ensure you can still afford any mortgage payments or bills that would normally be covered by the rent. Legal Expenses cover will help with eviction proceedings in the event a tenant fails to pay rent or with pursing a tenant for excessive damage to the property.

Buy-to-Let Insurance

We can provide comprehensive Buildings & Contents cover to ensure your investment is protected whatever the weather. Our Managed Properties receive a discounted rate and can quote for single or portfolio insurance, providing one rate for all postcodes and a flat rate for all Tenant types.

Each policy is different, but generally speaking, the cover usually provides £1 million Rebuild Cost, up to £30,000 Contents, up to 30% Lost Rent Should the property be uninhabitable, £2 million Public Liability and Employers Liability.

The policy can be tailored to suit your needs, ie. buildings only, contents only or a comprehensive combined policy. Cover can be arranged online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Quotes are valid for up to 30 days allowing you to return at any time to complete your purchase.

Many professional landlords do not realise they could potentially be breaking the law by not having Employers Liability Insurance. The policies automatically include £5 million of Employers Liability and £2 million of Public Liability, protecting you from no-win no fee injury claims.

Landlord’s Emergency Cover

HOP can provide Home Service agreement contracts to bring you protection from spiralling costs in the event of an emergency. In the event of a covered emergency your tenants can make a single call to the Home Service provider 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with access to thousands of tradesmen. Products can be tailored to your circumstances ensuring you only pay for the cover you need.

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