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A popular choice for students

Hyde Park provides easy access to the academic behemoths of Leeds University and Leeds Beckett University as is always a popular choice for students. Nearly every square inch within its borders has been developed over the years into well-maintained, low-rise residential housing. With a high percentage of these homes available for student residents. From Royal Park Avenue in the east to Cardigan Road in the west, this part of metropolitan Leeds contains an untold number of potential student accommodation options. So many, in fact, that trying to find just the right one for you can be a daunting task.

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Food, Shopping and More in Hyde Park

Students who plan to do a lot of cooking in the fully fitted kitchen of their student accommodation in Hyde Park will find plenty of places to purchase groceries including a 24-hour Sainsbury’s, a 24-hour One Stop and a 24-hour food Co-op. In addition, there are numerous small markets and greengrocers.

If eating out is more your style, you’ll find plenty of restaurants in Hyde Park and an impressive array just minutes away in Leeds City Centre. In addition, the Royal Oak Pub is a popular gathering place for students in the Hyde Park area and there are numerous bars, cafes and ice cream parlours to suit every taste. Mobile repair shops, health clinics, dentists, clothing stores, and more also abound.

Activities and Outdoor Life

Social life for students in Hyde Park consists of more than just drinking and eating. There is live sport in the form of pro rugby action at the nearby Emerald Headingley Stadium, and the Hyde Park Picture House is a classic, golden age cinema and one of the oldest in all of Yorkshire. It plays a combination of first run big-budget films, classics and arthouse fare. And let’s not forget the Woodhouse Moor (more commonly known as Hyde Park itself) with its skate park and tennis courts.

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Anyone looking for all-inclusive student accommodation in Hyde Park needs to know if it’s easy to get around here. The answer is an emphatic “yes” as the area is crisscrossed by numerous local and long-range bus lines. Being close to the city, you can actually walk to Leeds City Centre in less than half an hour. If you have a car with you, a 6-minute hop down Woodhouse Lane will take you right into the heart of Leeds with its various shopping malls and cultural attractions.

Trains are also well-represented in the Hyde Park area with a frequent service stopping at Burley Park station. In just minutes you can be at Leeds Station, where you can connect with Manchester, York, Hull and even London. Whether you decide on a fully furnished student house share, terraced housing, or some other form of student accommodation in Hyde Park, you are never far from the action.

student accommodation in hyde park

Trust HOP to find the right student accommodation in Hyde Park

‘HOP’ stands for ‘Home of Property’ and that is exactly what we are. We have more student-ready property listings in our database than any other estate agency in greater Leeds. Whether you are a student searching for a flat for yourself, or the parent of a student determined to find a safe, convenient base from which your child can conduct their academic pursuits, HOP can help. Our letting agents have decades of combined experience in the Leeds market. They know every road and passage like the back of their hand and work tirelessly on behalf of their customers to place them both quickly and properly.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

While it might seem that the abundance of student-ready housing in this area would make it easy to find the right place, in reality this kind of abundance can sometimes mask overpriced or inconvenient properties. It’s important that you have someone on your side who understands the local market and can guide you to a safe, affordable, comfortable flat, house, or room. That’s what we do at HOP. Our 9-step process has been developed and refined over the years and is the best way to ensure each and every student is placed in the property that best suits their needs. If you are in need of student accommodation in Hyde Park, contact the professionals at HOP today.