Student FAQs

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Which area of Leeds should I live in?

Students in Leeds have a huge amount of choice. Some of the most popular areas are Hyde Park, Headingley, Burley, Woodhouse and the City Centre. Take a look at our Student Area Guides for some ideas.

How can I book a viewing?

Once you’ve seen a property, in our student property search, that you like the look of give our friendly team a call on 0113 322 9324 or completed the ‘book a viewing’ request on the property itself.  We’ll ask you a number of questions when you call, not because we’re being nosey, but to get to know you a bit better. This way we can understand what you’re looking for and will book viewings with student properties, in various areas of Leeds, that are going to match your criteria. We’ll book in viewings at a time that is convenient for you.

What is the property application process?

To see a detailed explanation of the application process, click here.

Does everyone have to fill out all the forms?

Yes! Every Student Tenant on the Tenancy will have to complete an application form. We’ll also need one Guarantor for every Tenant.

What are all your fees for?

We don’t charge any Tenancy Fees or Signing Fees on any of our properties. Once you have seen and started an application for your property, we take a Holding Deposit which takes it off the market for 15 days while you complete your application. This then goes towards your overall Deposit. There are some other charges that apply, a detailed breakdown of any fees can be found by clicking here to view our fees.

What is a Guarantor and why do I need one?

As a Student you will require a Guarantor. This is a person who will guarantee that you will pay your rent for the duration of the Tenancy and it is a requirement that all our Landlords ask for. If for some reason, you don’t pay your rent, then the Guarantor will be liable for it. A Guarantor must earn in excess of £25,000 per annum.

What would I usually get in a furnished property?

In a furnished property you can expect all the main furniture to be there already. This includes white goods in the kitchen (e.g. washing machine, oven and fridge freezer); in the lounge you’d expect sofas and a coffee table and in your bedrooms you’ll always have a bed, wardrobe, chest, desk and chair.

What do I need to provide for myself in a furnished property?

Anything that is portable! A furnished property will only ever cover the main furniture, everything else is up to you. This would include things like a hoover, microwave, cutlery, pots, plans, plates, iron, ironing board, bin, TV, rugs, pictures, cleaning things, etc.

Why do you need to see my ID?

We need to see your ID to prove that you are who you say you are. It’s a legal requirement and also part of the new ‘right to rent’ checks.

What if I have a CCJ or bad credit rating?

This shouldn’t be a huge issue if you are a student, as you will not be getting credit checked – the financial qualification will rest purely on your Guarantor. However, we will be seeking previous Landlord references, so if you have been in arrears with your rent in the past, this could create a problem.

What references do you ask for?

As a Student Tenant we will require proof of ID, proof of being a Student (such as your Student ID) and a previous Landlord reference.

When can I move in?

The majority of Students will pick up their keys to their new home on the 1st July, which is the default Tenancy start date for most Leeds-based Student Tenants. Usually you’d pick up your keys after midday on the Tenancy start date once your property has been professionally cleaned ready for your arrival.

Where is my mop and bucket kept?

You will have to supply your own mop and bucket! Head down to Wilkos and pick yourself one up. It is important to keep your property clean.

Can I have a pet?

Unfortunately not, unless this has been agreed with the Landlord in writing. You will need to gain permission prior to bringing a pet into your home and there may be additional rent required.

Help! I have an emergency

Ok, don’t panic. We’re on hand to help with emergencies and operate an out-of-hours service for emergencies such as fires, floods and burglaries.

Just call our usual office number on 0113 320 2000 and you will be given emergency numbers to call. You’ll also find emergency numbers on our Online Repair Portal.

How do I report a repair?

Log it on our Online Repair Portal. Until a request is logged online, we cannot send anyone out to deal with the issue. Once you have logged your issue, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and, if required, arrange for a Contractor to come out and see you.

What happens if I lose my key?

Security is obviously a very serious matter. If any keys are lost or stolen, we will need to replace the locks entirely and supply any replacement keys, which will be charged back to you – so please keep them safe!

Call the office in the first instance, but if it’s in the middle of the night or out of hours, you might need to contact a locksmith yourself to let you in! Here’s a few we recommend:

Leeds 24Hr Locksmiths 0113 335 0283
1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds 0113 418 2306
Access Locksmiths Leeds Ltd 0113 240 5059
Locksmiths of Leeds 0113 440 1013

I'm locked out! Can someone let me in?

If it’s within office hours, you can call our office and we might be able to arrange someone with a key to come and let you in, but bear in mind a charge will apply for doing this. If it is out-of-hours you will need to call a locksmith yourself.

Where is my boiler / gas meter / electric meter / stop tap?

Our Property Managers are on hand to answer specific questions about your house. Why not call and arrange an induction with your own Property Managers when you move in?

In a shared house, who pays for what?

All of our managed student properties come with bills included so the cost is automatically split between you. This means that your gas, electric, water and  broadband are all already covered.  Check out our all-inclusive bills page for further details on how to upgrade and what it includes. Obviously any bills over and above these you will need to split and sort out amongst yourselves but we’ve covered the essentials.

Who do I call when the office is closed?

Call the usual office number on 0113 320 2000 and you will be given emergency numbers if we are out-of-hours. Or visit our Report a Repair page with links to our Online Reporting Portal, which will provide emergency contact numbers too. Alternatively, if it’s a general enquiry – complete the contact form on our Contact Page.

What is an Inventory?

An Inventory is a list of the condition of the property as well as its furniture and fittings, prior to the start of the Tenancy. The Inventory will then be checked at the end of the Tenancy and any lost, broken and damaged items (over and above fair wear and tear) may be taken from your Deposit.

What is a Tenancy Agreement?

This is your legal contract for the property you have taken and sets out the agreement between you and the Landlord.

What if I want to move out early?

Fees apply if you opt to terminate your Tenancy Agreement early. We will market the property/room, and once we/you have found someone else to take your room/house, and they start paying rent, your Tenancy Agreement is terminated.

What if we want someone else to move in?

Speak to your Property Manager. If there is a spare room, it might be a 6 bed property, but the property might only have a licence for a maximum of 5 people. It is important that you speak to us first.

Can I decorate?

Only with the Landlord’s written consent.

Do I need to get insurance?

Crime is high in Student areas as some Student Tenants tend to leave doors unlocked and laptops on show, so if you want to get your own contents insurance to cover personal possessions why not try:

Leeds Building Society 0345 030 7028
Direct Line 0345 246 3564
HSBC Home Insurance 0800 277 377
Endsleigh 0800 028 3571

Can I put locks on my doors?

I’m afraid not. We are not allowed to put locks on doors due to Unipol and Leeds City Council fire safety policies. Any locks found on doors will be removed and a charge will apply.

I need to make a formal complaint, how do I do this?

First of all, give your Property Manager a call as they will be in the best position to help you. Hopefully they can resolve it for you before a formal complaint becomes necessary. You can find full details of our Complaints procedure here.

How do I get my deposit back?

You can also find this information in the Student Tenant Handbook.

Can I withhold rent because I'm not happy?

No, withholding rent is not recommended as it is a breach of Tenancy and could cause much more trouble. Please pick up the phone and speak to your Property Manager about any issues – they are there to help you.

Have you got a Tenant Handbook?

Yes we have! Click here to download a copy of the Student Tenant Handbook.