Need to report a repair?
Use our 24 hour automated system.

At HOP, we operate a fully automated online reporting system for property repairs and maintenance.

To help us to help you as quickly as possible, HOP operates a fully automated online reporting system for repairs and maintenance that is available around the clock, 24 hours a day.

Our online system enables us to diagnose your problems, log and diarise maintenance, fully monitor our contractors, and swiftly get the right contractors out to you.

You can even upload photos of your problem to help our Contractors assess what they might need to bring with them to fix the issue.

Until a request is logged online, we cannot send anyone out to deal with the issue. Once you have logged your issue, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and, if required, arrange for a contractor to come out and see you.

We are committed to providing a quick, trustworthy and reliable maintenance service.

It’s really important that you use our online portal to log any issues you might have that involve maintenance and repairs, because we can only handle requests once they are logged in the system.

Logging maintenance requests via our portal means that repairs and issues are likely to be dealt with more quickly than those that are reported by telephone or by email. All emergencies should also be reported in the portal too.

If you have an out of hours emergency, simply log your issue in the usual way and you will also find out of hours contact numbers to call. You can also just call our main office number on 0113 320 2000, which has a recorded message out of hours with numbers of our emergency maintenance contacts,

The system allows us to communicate between the Landlord and the Contractor and means that we can diagnose your problems, log and diarise maintenance, get the right Contractors out to you quickly and also monitor the Contractors to ensure they do a good job.

We promise to respond as swiftly as we can to your maintenance requests.

We only use a handful of trusted contractors to do repairs and they prioritise the urgency of the work and will respond accordingly. Here’s an idea of the timeframes that they will aim to work to wherever possible:

Report a Repair Time Frames

Please note: we cannot agree to the above timescales unless the maintenance request has been logged online first. If our contractors are unable to complete the job within the agreed timescales above, please report this to your Property Manager immediately.

It may be that major works need quoting for and boiler replacements could take longer due to ordering parts.

What to do in an emergency.

In an emergency situation, we prioritise our maintenance requests and aim to get out to the property within 24 working hours. When there is an emergency, we ask you to log your request on our portal in the normal way but also ring to speak with your Property Manager directly, within normal working hours.

  • If there has been a break-in at the property, be sure to ring the police on 999.
  • If you smell gas, ring the National Grid on 0800 111 999.
  • If you lose power or water, then please contact your utility provider in the first instance.
  • If you are calling out of hours and the office is closed, we have pre-recorded emergency details for you to follow. Just call the usual office number:  0113 320 2000