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Student Survival Guide- what to remember when looking for Leeds Student Property!

October 23, 2011 | Students  

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Let’s face it, we’re the bee’s knees when it comes to Leeds Student Property, so we sat down, had a cuppa, and wrote about our top 10 things we think you guys need to think about when choosing your next Student Property in Leeds.

Top 10 things to consider when looking for Student Property in Leeds!

1. Transport links – You’re going to want to make sure that you can get anywhere you want to go, whenever you want to go.


2. Local amenities – Where’s the nearest pub? Where’s the nearest grub? These are the important questions you need to answer

3. Distance from university – This is especially important if you have morning lectures, in winter.

4. Price – This will vary according to a number of factors, such as location and the size of the rooms. You need to set your upper limit of what you can afford and not go over it, even if it means not getting your ideal Leeds student house.

5. Pets/no pets – If you just can’t bear to leave your hamster in the care of your family back home, you need to clear it with your landlord.


6. Smoking/non-smoking – Even if you’re not a smoker this is something you should ask about. Remember, you could be sharing a Leeds student house with people who are smokers, and you may have to deal with their smoke and cigarette butts.

7. Utilities – You need to know which utilities you will be paying for. Consider whether your Leeds student house is insulated, because if it isn’t, you could end up with some hefty gas bills in winter.

8. Community – Is the area you plan to move into predominantly a student community? This is important because if you end up living in an area that is mostly made up of families and professionals, you won’t be able to throw house parties every week. That would suck.

9. Parking – If you own a car or motorbike, you’re going to need a place to park it. You’d be lucky to find a place with off-street parking, but the likelihood is you’ll have to park outside your house. Find out if you need a permit.


10. Safety – Is the property going to be properly secure while you’re away? Although you’ll likely be insured, you really don’t want to be burgled. How would you get out if there was a fire? What does the electrical system look like (check for broken sockets and loose wires). Take a look at the ceiling to check for mould. Is the Leeds student house in a flood prone area?

Written by our survival specialist Tom!

If you have any comments on this article, go to and whack in some comments!

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