What do you do at HOP?

My role is to oversee the operational aspects of the business, working out of our Horsforth branch.

What did you do before joining HOP?

Before joining HOP I managed a number of large restaurant / pubs for a chain company, travelling between struggling sites to help improve operations and maximise profit.

What’s the best bit about working for HOP?

I am thoroughly enjoying working within a smaller team. Working as a single entity towards a common goal is a great feeling and being able to have a laugh whilst doing it makes it a fantastic place to work. It is incredibly cliché to say, but the role is brilliantly varied with no two days alike. Every day I am interacting with lots of new people across a wide spectrum of characters and personalities.

What are your hobbies?

I am always keen on picking up new skills and learning new things. I am currently practicing calligraphy, specifically in a form known as English Round hand used heavily in the 18th Century.

An interesting fact about you?

I have a Black Belt in Jujitsu and spent a number of years working as a coach.

What is your dream home?

My dream home would be an older building, ideally a converted barn or church basically something with a bit of character. It would have a significant amount of land surrounding to have my own smallholding. Although I would love to have this on the continent, nowhere else feels like home as much as the Yorkshire countryside!

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