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To be fair Beeston ain’t that bad

February 21, 2012 | Students  

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Now, I don’t know about you but I love a good fair, I don’t care how old you are, but visiting a place where you pay to get hung upside down and thrown about is always fun.

Which is exactly why I recommend visiting Elland road fair in Beeston where you will find all the usual attractions which include (but not limited to) dodgems, waltzers, ghost train and what can only be described as a giant 50ft spinning thing that is utterly terrifying.


Now I know that by now most of the student loan has gone, so it’s time to start counting the penny’s again. But at £2.50 for a ride, with a modest £1 entrance fee you can spend a good few hours there for about a tenner.

For those who aren’t that interested in thrill seeking and adrenaline fuelled rides, there also the usual fairground opportunities to win giant cuddly toys and eat bad food (but let’s be honest, it can’t be worse than that takeaway you had).

There are regular bus links to Beeston from Leeds City Centre, but when I went we got a taxi from Headingley for £8, not bad if 4 of you go.

In typical student fashion, we left it pretty late and arrived around 9 so it was pretty empty and a lot of the booths were closed. However, we got to go straight on the rides with no waiting at all so that was a bonus.

We will be going again, but this time we will go a little earlier-perhaps aiming to get there at about 7 would be best, hopefully this will give that balance between the rides staying open and managing to beat the queues.

A student day out wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the pub, and close by is the Old Peacock pub; a wonderful place to have a couple of drinks (particularly those Elland Road fans as the place is brimming with nods to Leeds united.  It is reasonably priced, particularly for a pub situated so close to a football stadium. 

The only problem is, this fair closes on the 27 of February, So best be quick and get down to Beeston. If not it comes back next year-trust me, it’s worth the wait.


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